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Skin Tags


Skin tags, also referred to as acrochordons, are benign, flesh colored skin growths that most often appears on the eyelids, neck, underarms or body folds. Skin tags usually protrude from the surface of the skin by a narrow stalk.

They are most common in older adults and affect both men and women at approximately the same rate. Although these growths are generally harmless, they can become problematic if they are in an area where clothing rubs against them. They can also be a cosmetic concern if they appear on visible areas like the neck or eyelid For this reason, some individuals do seek professional treatment for skin tags, which typically involves removal of the growth.

Causes of Skin Tags

Unlike skin cancer or warts, no one knows for sure what causes skin tags. Skin tags tend to run in families, which suggests a hereditary link. There are some factors that increase their risk, including pregnancy, advanced age and diabetes. Other potential risk factors include skin irritation.

Treatment for Skin Tags

There is no way to prevent skin tags and once they form, they do become a permanent skin growth. They can also grow over time, becoming more unsightly if they are in visible areas. Cosmetic concerns are one of the primary reasons individuals might seek treatment for skin tags. Another reason might be if a skin tag is in a spot where it consistently rubs on clothing or other skin, becoming irritated and even painful. Treatment of skin tags typically involves removal of the tags. This can be performed by utilizing minor procedures in a dermatologist office.


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