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At the Center for Dermatology, we offer micro-needling treatments to help improve skin tone and texture, break down scar tissue, and stimulate the natural production of collagen. This minimally-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment works well on most skin types and can be combined with other medical therapies to enhance the results.

Micro-needling uses a device containing fine needles to puncture the skin and create micro-channels in the upper layers of the skin. These punctures trigger the natural production of collagen and elastin, which tightens the skin and helps improve the overall quality of the skin. The healthy skin surrounding the micro-channels encourages the skin to heal and keeps the healing process to a minimum. The healing process thickens the dermis and helps soften wrinkles and scarring.

Benefits of Micro-needling

  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightens loose or lax skin
  • Reduces the appearance of large pores
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Improves acne scarring
  • Improves overall skin health

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What can I expect during a treatment session?

At the Center for Dermatology, we apply a serum infused with active ingredients to improve various aspects of the skin and enhance the results of micro-needling treatments.

Serum options include:

  • Kojic acid to lighten skin, even tone and minimize the appearance of age spots and melasma
  • Peptides to stimulate collagen productions and produce a more youthful complexion
  • Hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin, leaving it softer and more supple
  • Salicylic acid to open clogged pores and reduce acne breakouts

The micro-channels created by micro-needling treatments allow for a better absorption of the serums, which improves the overall results of the treatment.

When will I see results?

Most patients are able to see improvement in the quality of the skin after one treatment session. Micro-needling yields the best results when performed in a series of three to five treatment sessions spaced two to four weeks apart. Chemical peels or microdermabrasion treatments can be combined with micro-needling to enhance the results.  

What is the recovery period?

Micro-needling is a minimally invasive treatment and has little to no downtime associated with it. Most patients are able to immediately return to their normal activities following a treatment session. For the first 24 to 48 hours following treatment you may experience some redness or mild swelling similar to a mild sunburn. Depending on the area treated area, some patients may experience some mild bruising or pinpoint bleeding, both side effects subside shortly after treatment.

Do you want to find out if micro-needling is the right treatment for you? Schedule a consultation with Center for Dermatology today!


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