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Pediatric Dermatology


Pediatric dermatology is a special form of skin care that specifically targets the hair, skin and nail conditions of children and teenagers. At the Center for Dermatology, Dr. Abdul Hafeez has experience for patients of all ages and can effectively treat childhood skin conditions.

The Center for Dermatology is located in Lawrenceville, Georgia and offers a wide variety of dermatological services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

What Pediatric Skin Conditions Do We Treat?

Although we see children and teenagers for all dermatological conditions, some of the most common issues treated by Dr. Hafeez are molluscum, warts and atopic dermatitis.


Characterized by small, red bumps that are not painless but often itchy, Molluscum Contagiosum is a viral infection that is spread through either direct contact with an infected individual or by handling an infected object.

Molluscum is easily spread among children, and is often mistaken for chicken pox. Outbreaks result in from two to 20 raised, dome-shaped bumps, and your child is contagious until the bumps are gone.

Although some cases of Molluscum go away on their own, it can take months or even years for the virus to leave the body. In order to alleviate symptoms and eliminate the risk of infecting others, parents often choose to have the bumps removed by treatments that are appropriate for children’s vulnerable skin, such as freezing and scraping.


It is estimated that between 10-20 percent of children have common skin warts. While mostly harmless, warts are contagious and can be easily spread from child to child. There are several types of warts, and Dr. Hafeez will choose the safest treatment that has the best results for your child, such as freezing, scraping or surgically removing the warts.

Contact and Atopic Dermatitis

Contact and Atopic dermatitis are itchy, red rashes on the skin. While contact dermatitis is caused by an allergic reaction, atopic dermatitis is a chronic combination of dry skin and an immune system response associated with conditions like Asthma or seasonal allergies.

For contact dermatitis, Dr. Hafeez may use patch testing to determine what substances create allergic reactions on your child’s skin. Patch testing can typically test for up to 25 substances at one time and can not only determine what gives your child immediate contact dermatitis but can also identify substances that may cause delayed allergic reactions.

Atopic dermatitis is often treated with sensitive products and prescription medications to alleviate inflammation. Dr. Hafeez will determine which products and methods will have the best results for your child.

Each treatment carries its own potential side effects and risks, which will be discussed with you beforehand. Contact the Center for Dermatology today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hafeez and have your child’s skin issues addressed safely and professionally. Visit our top rated clinic in Lawrenceville (serving Suwanee).


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